the Voodoo Petrol Club -



An artist café in style.

The club is an exclusive place for artists, its backstage and is not for everyone. The things that happen in this special night club-… stay within. It will be the perfect "from...

If seeing a vintage Vespa scooter already catapults you into that sweet and sunny, rock ’n roll, boogie on-fifties vibe, then be prepared for double the fun when you feast your eyes on:

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Ah, to soak the feet! It’s one of those blissful things you don’t get ‘round to at home - let alone on the go. But anguish no more, because all those tootsie care cravers out there can now soak up...Lees meer

Is it a fountain? Not just! Is it a light show? Absolutely! Is it interactive? Of course it is! It’s:


Move up to this mountainous statue of rubber duckies...Lees meer


Move over, hot tub. Make room, outdoor pool. ‘Cause who still wants a static soak in the sun, if you can bathe and ride in:


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Next to the acts we builded for ourself, we build different other projects in our Garage:


In opdracht van De Schoenfabriek (...Lees meer

Swoolish is the smallest, cosiest swinging room that brings you the warm sounds of Jazz, Exotica, Swing Rhythm and vintage records-

from a couch in a sultry atmosphere.

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