Voetenbad terras

Ah, to soak the feet! It’s one of those blissful things you don’t get ‘round to at home - let alone on the go. But anguish no more, because all those tootsie care cravers out there can now soak up the love of the

Footbath terrace

Ever seen a wheelbarrow double as a lazy chair? Well, you will - and love it - when you close in on this farm style semi circle of foot devotion. Take a load off in one of the ten designer wheelbarrow loungers, let the mobile kettle cart run you up a wonderfully warm footbath and who knows, you might even be treated to an award deserving foot rub by one of the accompanying ‘charmers’.

Too much sun on your scalp? Try a ‘cooling down tub’ to refresh those overheated feet. Hot or cold, no footbath is complete without a good selection of relaxing tunes to let those thoughts wander of by. And off course, towels are provided.

A pied tôt!

The Footbath terrace is a ‘theatrical’ wellness experience created by Swoolish Garage. Other acts include: Swoolish, Vespaqua and Aquaduct. More information about what we have to offer? www.swoolish-garage.nl